Drag Races

VR6 Turbo

Sleeper Golf takes on R35 GTR, M5 and ZL1 !

Golf VR6 with a 6766 Turbo on E85, running on Stock RODS and JE Pistons 674WHP @ 28psi but was running 34 PSI at these

1600HP 2JZ Nissan 240SX – Takes Down Everything

This promod 88mm turbo 2JZ 240SX is an import that can hang with the big dogs! Some of the biggest names in no-prep drag racing

K-Swap RWD Cooper isn’t making any jokes


Fastest VR6 in the world 8.51 Sec 1/4 mile

This time we have the fastest VR6 in the world. Built by DonkeyTec! His best time at the moment is 8.51 seconds on a 1/4 mile

Street Races

M3 Turbo

E46 M3 Turbo vs Hayabusa

This time we have a BMW E46 M3 Turbo from Turkey, racing a Hayabusa with Full Akrapovic Exhaust system and a Power Commander.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOfx73XlB1k

Burnouts and Sounds

VR6 Turbo R32 sound

Ultimate VW VR6 Sound Compilation

VTEC compilation

Top 9 Crazy Swaps!

Toyota Supra EPIC Burnout